The Honduran Coup: A Graphic History

This terrific comic history was designed by ARCHCOMIX, and is partially adapted from one of my previous articles, Community Defiance in Honduras.

Originally published at the Huffington Post.

By Nikil Saval and Dan Archer

Posted: November 25, 2009 12:40 PM

On November 29, national elections will take place in Honduras. Five months earlier, on June 28th, Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was arrested in the middle of the night by the armed forces and forcibly exiled to Costa Rica — on the day he had proposed to hold a non-binding public poll on a popular assembly. Why? For his supposed intention of subverting the Honduran constitution to extend his time in office. Zelaya still remains under effective house arrest in the Brazlian embassy — which is surrounded by coup leader Roberto Micheletti’s troops — after being smuggled back into the country. Read the first part of The Honduran Coup: A Graphic History here.

After a considerable delay, the US finally intervened to broker a deal on Oct 30, which has since been rejected outright by Zelaya and decried by the International community. Despite its previous solidarity with the deposed President, the US has now agreed to recognize the new elections that are scheduled for November 29, with or without Zelaya’s restitution. Why the change of heart for the Obama administration?

In our follow-up to The Honduran Coup: A Graphic History, which was published online at in October, we look at the situation on the ground in Honduras, examining the details of the proposed accord and the background realpolitik that led to the sudden change of heart in the US’s stance. See the links below each page for their sources and corroborating evidence.



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